Sunday, July 25, 2010

Travels with Joyce - a blog full of useful travel information including Merida, Mexico

My fellow blogger Joyce maintains an interesting blog  - Travels with Joyce - with all sort of useful and fun travel tips. Several of her pieces will be of interest to potential retirees abroad, including her articles on traveling and learning Spanish in Merida, Mexico.

Living In Merida

For those contemplating retirement Mexico has much to offer. Merida is an attractive colonial city in Yucatan, Mexico, and has been popping up a lot on the radar screens of would-be expat retirees. More on Merida soon, but in the meantime check out more travel articles by Joyce on her other writing site.

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  1. My family and I lived in Merida for 4 years. We loved the city. It is pretty hot year round and electricity is expensive. If you can't stand the heat without A/C, then it may not be a good choice for year-round living. But a beautiful place to visit either way.