Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Retire in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is among the most popular destinations for overseas retirement. The proximity to the United States, warm climate, miles of beaches and tropical paradise scenery and high standard of living, coupled with a stable political climate and good law-and-order situation make Costa Rica a prime choice for overseas retirees. Although Costa Rica is relatively more expensive than some other retirement havens, it is still a lot cheaper than retiring in the United States for a comparable standard of living. Some of the popular retirement areas include the Central Valley of Costa Rica, near San Jose, and the Pacific and Caribbean coasts. Guanacaste province is especially popular with retirees.

While you will have to do your homework to gain residency in Costa Rica, it can be well worth it.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Panama as a retirement destination

Panama is increasingly sought out by retirees as a country to spend their retirement years. There are many advantages to living in Panama as an expatriate. Panama is relatively close to the US, has great infrastructure and medical facilities, and is very retiree-friendly. The country is also financially and politically stable, and the US dollar is accepted there. Opening a Panama bank account is relatively easy. Panama transportation is also highly developed, with an excellent highway system and good and cheap public transport.

Some of the main retiree havens in Panama are Panama City, the mountain towns of Boquete, El Valle, Sora and Volcan with their pleasant climate, and the Pacific and Caribbean coasts. On the Caribbean side, Bocas del Toro is a tropical beach paradise that retirees are increasingly flocking to.

If you are considering retiring to Panama, you might want to tour Panama first to get a sense of what the country has to offer. You can take a package tour through a Panama travel agency, and maybe arrange to see some properties by contacting Panama realtors.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Retire in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is increasingly showing up on the radar screens of travelers and potential retirees. While political troubles gave Nicaragua a bad name in the 80s, things have settled down, and more and more people are discovering the idyllic beach getaways of the Corn Islands off the Caribbean coast and San Juan del Sur on the Atlantic coast, and the historic charms of Granada. The relatively low price of property in Nicaragua also means that retirement dollars go much farther here than they would in other Central American countries like Costa Rica and Panama.

You might want to tour Nicaragua first before you think about buying real estate here, but a holiday Nicaragua style won't set you back much.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

How to realize your dreams to retire abroad and live abroad

Welcome to my blog! If you have a restless spirit, or if you are just interested in seeing what the big wide world has to offer in terms of living or retiring abroad, then stop a while and look around. I have posted many links to articles on the topic, and will be updating this blog regularly. Your dreams of retirement abroad may not be that far-fetched; with a little planning, you can really stretch out those retirement dollars and live well in an interesting and beautiful place for less than you might spend to live at home.

Even if you are not close to retirement, you might still want to live abroad just to experience a different culture and a new way of life. The links on this site should be relevant to you as well.
I will be updating this blog frequently, so please stop by often! You never know what useful tips you might find here!